Info related to Midwifery in Ireland

Info related to Midwifery in Ireland

Benefits of antenatal classes

Antenatal Classes Bathing BabyThere are many benefits of going to antenatal classes; they are a great way to learn about pregnancy, labour, birth and caring for a newborn baby and you have access to trained professionals to ask any questions you might have and share any concerns. Antenatal classes are designed to be fun and light-hearted and they can be a source of great support and confidence, especially for first time parents, who may be feeling very daunted by the prospect of having a baby in the near future.

One of the most beneficial aspects of going to antenatal classes is the opportunity to meet and chat with women and partners in a similar situation to you; classes are designed to cater for groups of women who are at a similar stage of their pregnancy and many people make great friends at antenatal classes and keep in touch once their babies are born. Friends made at antenatal classes can often be a great source of support because some women feel isolated when they have a newborn baby, especially if their friends don’t have children; many women stay in touch and their children grow to be good friends; this can also help with babysitting and childcare arrangements further down the line.

Pregnancy can be daunting and scary and it can be very comforting to be able to talk to other women in a similar situation; learning about aspects of pregnancy and birth can also help you to draw up an effective birth plan, put your mind at ease and prepare you for parenthood.

What subjects are covered in antenatal classes?
Antenatal classes are designed to cover a comprehensive range of subjects; classes may vary slightly depending on whether you choose NHS or private classes but as a general guide, examples of subjects include:

Health during pregnancy
Healthy eating
Preparing for labour and childbirth and what to expect during labour
Breathing exercises
Information about exercise and keeping fit during pregnancy
Coping with labour and information about pain relief
Ways to relax and stress reduction techniques
Caring for a baby, including information about breast and bottle feeding
Newborn health
Coping with emotions during pregnancy
Health after birth